Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Pinterest Surfing: Halloween Crafts for Kids

 Hello there! I hope you're all having a good week so far. As we get nearer to Halloween my kids are getting more and more into all things spooky. I love doing arts & crafts with the kids and have been browsing on Pinterest for some cute and simple ideas. I figured I'd share just in case you're looking for a fun activity to do with your kids too!

So I guess this one comes as a kit from Michael's, but honestly you may already have all the supplies so we could just make it without having to buy the kit. It looks like all you'd need are some craft sticks, paint, wiggle eyes, some construction paper (or craft foam), and a pipe cleaner for the pumpkin's stem (you could easily use construction paper for that too though). Looks easy enough and cute!

Here's another one that looks so cute and easy to make. All you'd need are craft sticks, paint, construction paper, craft foam and markers.

These vampire bookmarks crack me up! How cute are they with their teeth sinking into the book? There is a video tutorial and step-by-step directions on the Printables Fairy's website.

And since I'm a sucker for anything with a handprint, I loved this one:

I try to have the kids make something with their handprint/footprint each year and keep them in their baby books. I love to see how little their hands and feet used to be! This one looks simple enough: some construction paper, wiggle eyes, and then a pipe cleaner for the broom.

Another handprint idea:

This uses a paper plate and paint, but you could just use construction paper for the whole thing if you didn't want to have the extra mess. 

These paper bag puppets looked like fun and something that would continue to entertain the kids even after they're done making them:

This woman has step by step directions listed on her website.

Last but not least, I thought these were cute and simple too:

We have a ton of wiggle eyes in our craft box so I would probably add wiggle eyes, but otherwise these look pretty straightforward: craft sticks, paint, and some felt.

Do you like to make Halloween crafts with your kids? If so, leave a link below to one that you've done! I always love a new idea :)


  1. We love the target brand DIY kits!! We've done so many of them this season! Mondo Llama is the brand!