Friday, October 15, 2021

Friday Favorites-- Char-boo-terie Boards

 Good morning friends and happy Friday! Today I am sharing something I've made several times over the past few weeks for the kids as an afternoon snack/lunch board-- we call it the char-boo-terie board. 😊 The idea for this initially came from the Fresh Market magazine, but theirs was mostly desserts/sweet treats:

I thought "oh my gosh, that's ADORABLE. I have to make that for the kids!" After taking a closer look I realized it was mostly sweet treats and would be better for a party or group gathering. Our family of 4 would be on sugar overload if we ate all those sweets. So I started brainstorming/Pinterest browsing some ways we could make this healthier, and this is what I came up with:

Our char-boo-terie board. 👻💀. This took less than 20 minutes to put together once I had all my ingredients handy. 

- The mummy strawberries are strawberries with a little melted white chocolate drizzled on them. I stuck the candy eyes on with a tiny dab of white chocolate on the back of each eye.

- mini pepper ghouls are mini peppers with candy eyes (stuck on with melted chocolate)

- pumpkins are clementines with a little piece of green onion as a stem (I usually use celery but we were out)

- boo-nanas are bananas with melted milk chocolate mouth, candy eyes stuck on with a dab of melted chocolate

- broomsticks are pretzel sticks stuck into string cheese. I cut 1 string cheese into fourths, then used a paring knife to cut the brush part of the broom.

Easy peasey and the kids ate them up! 

Now I will say, I don't usually make this much for my two kiddos as an afternoon snack. I usually make 2-3 of the choices above and let them pick. I just made them all today so I could snap a picture. 😊

Like I said, this one was a healthier spin on what is usually more sweet treats and desserts. I did however stumble across a bunch of other really cute ideas on Pinterest if you're wanting to make one for a party:

How cute are these ideas? I especially love the pizzas and the spider sandwiches. Original Link here.

This one was cute, but very sugary. Original idea here.

I recognized the fall leaf chips and ghost & bat chips from Trader Joe's here! Original link here.

And last but not least, those spiders made out of olives are just too cute! 

I love getting all excited about different holidays and finding fun ways to celebrate them with my kids. I know many of you do too! I hope you try some of these fun ideas. If you're looking for some other festive posts, I have some spooky books for adults:

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And these festive Jack O'Lantern stuffed peppers:

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Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites. Have a great weekend!


  1. Your board looks amazing!! We made the jack o'lantern stuffed peppers last year and they were hit so I will make them again. We have a few of those Halloween books too.