Monday, October 4, 2021

September Books

 Good morning! Happy Monday! Today I am sharing the books I read in the month of September. I had all these plans to knock out a bunch of books once the kids went back to school, but then everybody got sick and I took a week off of reading. Oh well, there's always next month! I am hoping to read a few spooky/thriller type books in October so if you have any recommendations, please leave them below!

The Secret Bridesmaid--  I thought this one was really cute! The main character is a professional bridesmaid in London who helps make sure everything comes together easily for the brides' wedding day (similar to a wedding planner, but a little different). She ends up taking on a very high-profile client who turns out to be a bit of a bridezilla. This book is a good mix of both funny and sweet. It reminded me a lot of a Sophie Kinsella book. Nothing deep here, just lighthearted fun. I give it a solid A.

Class Mom-- I almost didn't like this book, but stuck it out and am so happy I did! The main character, Jen, has reluctantly been appointed kindergarten class mom by her best friend, the head of the PTO. She needs to write various emails to the class in order to plan parties, help with field trips, etc. When I first read her emails to the class I thought she came off rude (which I guess was the point), but you end up learning to love her and see her sense of humor come shining through. Did any of you read this? I'm curious if any of you didn't like Jen at first either? Or maybe I was just a grouch? Either way, I ended up loving it by the end and can't wait to read the next book in the series! Solid A.

Share Your Stuff, I'll Go First-- This book was a sweet way to encourage women to deepen their friendships beyond the "light and fluffy" by guiding you to share the deeper parts of your life. The author says that for many of us, despite how many friends we may have, we still feel lonely because we aren't getting a deeper connection with these friends. I thought it was sweet and an entertaining read, but can't say it was life-changing. I give it an A-

Like I said earlier I'm looking for a scary-ish type of book now-- please feel free to leave a recommendation! Have a great day :)


  1. I have a folder on my laptop with post ideas because I make a mental not than forget about it too. I read Class Mom and loved it. At first I wasnt going to finish it because I didnt like the Jen either

  2. I read Class Mom a while back. I liked it BUT, she said some of the things I'd want to say too. Some. So, that's why I didn't think she was that bad. Or maybe I'm remembering incorrectly? I don't remember thinking she was crazy rude. Maybe I thought she wasn't so nice to her husband? Maybe I shouldn't have put this comment since I can't seem to remember. :)

    The scariest book I ever read was The Shining. I read it several years ago and I couldn't believe how a book could freak me out so much. I think I read it before seeing the movie. If you're looking for more of a thriller, I recommend The Silent Patient if you haven't read it already.