Wednesday, December 19, 2018

A Day in the Life of Us

Good Morning! It has been roughly 6 months since the last time I did a "Day in the Life" post and wanted to do another one. I have been trying to find a somewhat "normal" (read: relaxing) day around here to document, but it's been awhile since we've had a "normal" day... so I guess crazy busy is the new normal! 

I love looking back on what my sweet little girl was up to 6 months ago and know I'll continue to love to read these as she gets older. 

Every morning when I wake up (usually around 5) I check my calendar for the day. I look at everything all written down and try to figure out what is the best time to do everything. Devin makes fun of me for writing down EVERY. SINGLE. THING. (see the section that says "prayers"?). Sometimes I get so busy that if I didn't write everything down, I swear I would forget to do it. This calendar has been my favorite for years and I swear by it. If anyone is interested in getting a new planner/calendar for the new year, I highly recommend this one! These are the bright colored pens I use too in case you want some fun pens to go with it.
Lily Grace started her morning bright and early around 6:30. We played some games around the house and had breakfast together as a family, where we lit our Advent calendar candle. I had a giant cup of coffee, some fruit and a piece of toast. Lily Grace requested oatmeal so she had some of with her fruit. 
After this I headed to my dentist's office for my 8 am appointment. At 19 months, Lily Grace is way too rambunctious to quietly sit at the dentist while I have my teeth cleaned, so Dev stayed home with her and went into work a little late once I came home. 
I know this is weird/creepy that I took so many pictures of my dentist's office but can we please talk about how cute this place is?? My dentist's wife is an interior decorator and recently redid the place a year or two ago. Each time I go in for a cleaning I think what a wonderful job she did. I asked the secretary what the paint color was for the walls and plan to repaint our living room that color... I love it! It's Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray.

After the dentist LG and I went to the gym. I needed to do my BBG workout for the day and Lil loves to play with her friends in the ChildWatch area. Every time I complete a workout I get to send a free month subscription to the app, so if you are interested in a free month of the Sweat app, leave your email for me below!
The gym has a little section in the women's locker room with some supplies for working out.. sometimes I go in the main room with all the other people, but sometimes it's kind of nice to have all my equipment in one private little spot so I'll work out here. This was my spot for the day.
After BBG I walked around the upstairs track while I answered some emails/made some phone calls (that all sounds very important but it was more like call my sister back and answer one work email).

After the gym, Lily Grace and I hit up the grocery store to grab the ingredients to make my peppermint bark. I give peppermint bark as gifts to friends/coworkers/the ChildWatch teachers at the Y and I swear it is the easiest thing in the world to make. I'll post the recipe for it later this week if I find the time. 
After peppermint bark "baking" I started up Santa's workshop in the basement. I wrapped a bunch of present while watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I'm sure all of you are watching this show too, and if you aren't, start TONIGHT! This show is hilarious and fun to watch. I love to see the costumes and set designs since it takes place in the 1950's.
My little elf was here to help wrap presents :)
When Lily Grace woke up she played with her Nativity set from Michael's. She loves to put the Baby Jesus in his "crib". We are trying to get her to say the word manger, but she insists its a crib. 😊
(What the Nativity set looks like when it isn't being ripped apart played with)
Next up, we headed to Target and Costco. No pictures from Target but I was able to snap this one of Mrs. Big Stuff helping her dad push the cart. Dev works about 10 minutes from Costco and they are currently renovating his office, making it difficult to get a lot of work done from there. He dipped out a little early to hang with us for the rest of the day and then finished some work once Lil went to bed.
 After Costco, Lily and Devin went home to get started on dinner while I ran one more errand in peace. To all my other mama's out there... is there anything more peaceful than riding in the car by yourself after several hours of running errands with your kids?? I mean that last 30 minute errand I had to run felt like a nap after running errands with Lil that day. I grabbed several of these mustard spreads for stocking stuffers/small extra gifts for some coworkers/family members. I LOVE to put this spread on toast in the morning with some spinach and a poached egg on top... and BONUS: one of my friends is the chef who makes it! Win/win, right? 

 I went home and we began the dinner/bathtime/bedtime routine and were done for the day. 

That was a typical day for us in the super busy month of December. Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. Happy Wednesday! I think Day in the Life posts are probably my favorite types of posts to read for some reason. It's always fun to see other people document their everyday lives, I guess.

    1. I agree! There is something about them that is so fascinating.

  2. Worlds nicest dentist office!! I definitely wouldn't mind my cleanings if it were at a place like that, haha.
    I love Day In The Life posts!

  3. What a fun day. Costco is the best store. We go there all the time. I love how empty of people yours looks! That dentist office looks so pretty! I hope you have a great day and a very Merry Christmas!

    1. Yeah we have learned that late afternoon/early evening is the best time to go to ours! Everyone has work/extracurricular activities at that time so the place is empty!

  4. I love Day in the Life posts - thanks for sharing! And I love making Peppermint Bark for the holidays - so easy and so good! And you just reminded me I probably need to stock up on ingredients to make some. ;)