Friday, December 28, 2018

Life Lately-- Christmas 2019

Happy Friday friends! Here's a little look at what we've been up to around here. 
The Friday before Christmas we took Lily Grace to meet Santa. She was so excited to see him at the mall and loved watching all the other kids go sit on Santa's lap... until it was her turn, when she promptly froze, refused to sit on his lap, and kept saying "No, no, no, no!" The poor girl loved Santa from far away, but was scared once we got up close. She did much better once Dev and I went to sit with Santa too, and then finally started warming up to him by the time we were about to leave. He asked her if she wanted anything for Christmas and she told him a "puzzle". It was too sweet!

After meeting Santa we took a trip to Wilmington to celebrate Christmas with Dev's side of the family. Once of the highlights of the trip was going to the NC Aquarium and seeing "Scuba Clause" inside the tank. 

Lily Grace with Devin's mom
We came back Sunday morning because we had tickets to the Panthers/Falcons game with my family. 
My dad, younger sister Jenni and I at the game. 
We woke up on Christmas morning at our house and opened presents before heading over to Nana and Pop Pop's house. My older sister Allie, her husband and their sweet son Landen came from Atlanta. We opened more presents, played together and had some good family fun time. 
Tucker wearing a Christmas bow 😊 
Our girl opening up some presents 
Have a great day! See you next week 😊


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    1. Thanks! I tried to link them but they were from Marshalls last year and I had trouble finding them online. Sorry!

  2. Love the scuba diving Santa and I love that you could all sit with Santa to keep your daughter a bit happier. I have so many memories of trying to calm my kids down and persuading them to sit with Santa.

    1. I believe it!! Why do we all put our kids through that?! Haha