Wednesday, January 27, 2021

What's Up Wednesday

 Hi there and happy What's Up Wednesday! Usually at this point in the month I comment about how quickly the month has flown by, but this month has crawled for us. Anyone else? I don't know if it's because we have been anxiously waiting to move back into our house, or if it's been the cooler winter temperatures or what. Either way, bring on February!!

What We're Eating This Week: We are eating all kinds of crock pot meals and sous-vide meals this week. Do any of you have a sous-vide? We got ours for Christmas and are obsessed with it so far. It's kinda like a cross between an oven and a crock pot. It's like a crockpot in the sense that you put it in, turn it on, and can leave it for a couple hours while it does its thing. It's kinda like an oven in the sense that you can set it to a specific temperature rather than just "high" or "low" on a crockpot. This sous-vide honey mustard chicken with sweet potato mash has been a favorite:

We have also loved this sirloin with mushroom cream sauce:

What I'm Reminiscing About: Our house before the renovation! If you read here often you might remember the little video we filmed before we had to move out:

It's crazy to think this was 5 months ago!! And now we are almost ready to move back in to what feels like a completely different house 😀 The final inspection kept getting bumped back another week, then another week, and now we are set for Monday-- so fingers crossed we move in soon!
A "before" picture 😊

What I'm Loving: This super sweet and imaginative phase Lily Grace is in. She is just living in a world of princesses, mermaids, and various accents 😂. Her Australian accent is actually pretty good-- no joke! We have found that Liam has quite the sense of humor. Our boy loves to do whatever it takes to get a laugh out of people. I wish I could bottle these phases up forever.

What We've Been Up To: Have I mentioned that we are in the process of moving back in? Oh, once or twice? 😉 On top of that we are in the process of selling old furniture we no longer want on Facebook Marketplace and buying some new things too. Facebook Marketplace has been amazing because I don't have to pack our old items up into my car to drop off somewhere. The little extra money doesn't hurt either. 

What I'm Dreading: Nothing thank goodness! 

What I'm Excited About: Being able to walk my sweet girl to school again. Since we moved out her school became a 20 minute drive each way. So 20 minutes to school, 20 minutes home, 20 minutes to go pick her up, 20 minutes home. That's 80 minutes of my day! Twice a week! I am looking forward to returning to the days of a 3 minute walk (yes we've actually timed it so we know when to leave 😋). We registered Liam for school starting in the fall and his school is just across the street, so his will be a 4 minute walk. His mid-September birthday didn't meet the deadline for Lily Grace's school (had to be 2 years old by 8/31) otherwise we would've had them both at the same school. I'm very excited about our commute times. 

What I'm Watching/Reading: We are not currently watching anything, but just finished Manhunt Deadly Games and Manhunt Unabomber on Netflix and loved them both! We also watched the documentary The Minimalists: Less is Now and really liked that too. Here's the trailer:

Last year I did the challenge where I donated items every day in February, and after watching The Minimalists, I'm ready to do it again! As for reading, my book review will be our Friday. So far I've finished 3 books: 2 were good and 1 was only okay. I am wrapping up Loving My Actual Life and really like it!

 I read Loving My Actual Christmas in December and loved it, then one of you told me she had another book called Loving My Actual Life. Thanks for the recommendation! 

What I'm Listening To: I've been on a John Mayer/Jack Johnson/Ben Rector/Vance Joy kick lately. Those are my go-to's on my phone, but whenever I'm just hanging out at home we tell our Google Home to play Jazz. She always gets it just right.

What I'm Wearing: Nothing too new, unless you count this sweater I got a couple months ago:

With a v neck pocket tee underneath, like this:

Otherwise I'm wearing these same outfits (old pictures but the outfits are the same). We didn't feel like packing up and moving everything, so I only grabbed a handful of outfits to bring when we moved. To be honest it has made for much quicker/easier mornings! It is kinda nice having fewer choices and less laundry to keep up with. Anyway, here are the outfits:

White Tee/Brown Sweater/Jeans/Booties

Gingham Shirt/Vest/Jeans

Oversized Turtleneck/Tights

What I'm Doing This Weekend: Our weekend plans are to try to cram a few back-to-back swim lessons in. Lily Grace has turned into a really strong swimmer and we are confident enough in her abilities to be able to cancel swim in the next few months. When her swim school shut down for COVID last March, we continued to pay and they just gave us makeup classes for when they opened back up. We have been slowly chipping away at them for the past few months but still have 16 makeups to get through-- we had a lot! So hopefully we can knock some out. 

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month: My parents have scheduled their vaccines and I cannot tell you the amount of relief it brings me to know that their safety (from this virus at least) is around the corner. I have never really been worried about Devin, myself or the kids getting it since we are all young and healthy, but my parents are getting older and my mom has a couple underlying health concerns. I know the vaccine rollout has had its problems worldwide, so now I'm just praying that everything goes smoothly for them when their scheduled dates arrive. 

I hope you all have a nice day-- see you back here tomorrow!


  1. Cute outfits and so exciting about your home remodel!

  2. Oh, I hope you get to move back in soon! Those walks to school sound perfect! And I really like that sweater you commented you'd been wearing a lot. It looks so warm and cozy.

    1. I can't wait-- now all we need is for the weather to warm up!

  3. Aww! That video is so cute!! I loved getting to see Liam crawl around! That’s so exciting about your renovations! I can’t wait to see everything! Yay for your parents getting the vaccine!! Hope you have a great day!

  4. I have never even heard of the sous vide. There are so many kitchen gadgets. That sweater looks so cozy

    1. You're right, there are so many! This one was a gift but I have really started to love it!

  5. I hope all goes well with the inspection and you can move back in!!