Friday, April 10, 2020

Updated Nursery

Good morning friends and happy Friday! I am finally getting around to sharing our updated nursery pics with you. I did a post about Liam's nursery months ago, but that was before he was born and before we knew he was a boy. It was all gender neutral then but we have switched it up to be a little more boy-ish now. The color scheme is navy and teal with hints of wood to give it a more natural/rustic feel. I will link everything at the bottom if you are curious where it's from. Here it is:
Here is what it looks like as you are standing in the doorway. Our paint color is "sea salt" from Sherwin Williams and it is my absolute favorite! 
 The dresser is an old IKEA one we have had for forever. I switched out the knobs on it for some cuter knobs I found at HomeGoods and then spray painted them teal. 
 So one of my favorite memories growing up was going to baseball games with my dad. We are from Cincinnati and had season tickets to the Cincinnati Reds games for years. My dad would take my sisters and I to the games while mom got to stay home and "get stuff done" (which I SO appreciate now!). We also would try to go to baseball games across the country every summer on our family vacations. If we were in California for vacation, we went to San Francisco for a game. If we were in Arizona, we went to a game in Phoenix. Boston? Went to a Red Sox game. You get the picture 😉 So when I was first pregnant with Lily Grace I could NOT wait for the day when I could take my kids around the country to baseball stadiums to watch games together like my dad did with us. This map in Liam's nursery is a map of all the American baseball stadiums. I am very much looking forward to hitting up a few of these stadiums with my kiddos. 😍
 Most of Liam's clothes are folded in his dresser, but we have a few hanging up here in the closet.
 This little cube shelf was in Lily Grace's room. The boxes are storing some of his bottle supplies until he outgrows his bottle, then we will put his toys in them.
I love our little sign from our lawn stork. We had a lawn stork with both of our kiddos when they were born and both signs are in their rooms. 😍

I tried to link everything I could below:
Table (old, from HomeGoods but they have a bunch of cute teal tables at Target. This one is cute too.)
Trash Can (old, from HomeGoods but here's a similar one)
Rocker/Glider (old, from Buy Buy Baby)
Knobs (old, from HomeGoods, spray painted this color)
Lamp (old, from HomeGoods)
Sheer Curtain Liner (we did two layers)
Curtain Rod Brackets (and extra rod holders for second layer)

Thanks for following along today! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend.

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