Monday, April 6, 2020

What I've Been Priming

Hi there friends! Today I wanted to share with you what I've been Priming in the past month. I did a post a few weeks ago that was all about the things I've been Priming for this "stay-at-home" period. It's mostly what I bought to keep our toddler busy (chalk, puzzles, etc.). If you'd like to see that post click here:

Otherwise, I will share the rest of the items I've been priming below. Have a great week!
Flavored Coffee- We try to use the reusable k-cup pod around here as much as possible, but once in awhile I'm in the mood for a flavored coffee, so I grabbed a variety pack of the flavored ones. The Kahlua and Cinnabon ones are my favorites but I have yet to have one that I didn't like 😀
Swim Diapers- Lily Grace ran out of swim diapers right before her swim school closed down for COVID-19, and naturally I had just "stocked up" since we were swimming 2 or more times a week. Whoops. I guess we will have plenty for this summer!
Fire Pit Cover- Our fire pit cover was starting to look a little worse for the wear, so I grabbed a new one. 
Tap Lights- Our closet under the stairs doesn't have any light, so we grabbed a couple of these battery operated tap lights for whenever we need to get in there. 
Thomas Kinkade Disney Puzzle- I love the artist Thomas Kinkade and have several puzzles of his paintings. Amazon must know me well because they recommended for me a Thomas Kinkade for Disney puzzle collection and of course I had to buy it! There are 4 puzzles in a box and I bought two different boxes. The collection above is currently sold out, but the collection below is still available!

Fitbit Band- Last but not least, my Fitbit band broke this week and I needed a new one. It was super cheap to just buy a collection of different colors, and I figured why not? 

Can't wait to see what you all have been Priming! Have a great week!!


  1. That's a beautiful will keep you busy. Love the fitbit bands. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  2. It's very hard to find puzzles in stock right now!

  3. I had no idea that Thomas Kinkade had Disney puzzles; I have a few of his to put together that are more traditional cottage scenes.